Chengdu Meishi International School is an authorized IB world school for the Diploma Programme.

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CMIS Quality Curriculum

· Appeals to a variety of learning styles and needs;
· Includes Internet activities and basic computer skill through all grade levels;
· Is based on application activities that emphasize higher-level thinking skills, real-world experiences, progressive discoveries and problem-solving situation;
· Includes thought-provoking interdisciplinary projects in every unit in each grade level


UTILIZATION of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN EDUCATION – Our Secondary Programs Start at 9 AM based on scientific research in the physiology of growing students. Young growing bodies need proper rest and that there are times of the day that are more conducive to student learning. Therefore, we have created a school schedule that meets the biological needs of the students in order to provide them an environment to maximize their potential as students and young people. As part of our efforts to maximize learning time while reducing the stress of preparing for many subjects simultaneously, we have adopted a modified ‘Block’ schedule. This provides the benefits: of extended class time to meet second language learning needs, a focusing of concentration on a few subjects each day and focused application of effort on homework.

INTER-CULTURAL AWARENESS – We have a unique calendar and set of testing dates for a school in this part of the world in order to meet the cultural needs of the students. We understand that Eastern and Western holidays and cultural observances are not the same, and do not force our students to give up their culture to learn how to be successful in another. An important part of Internationalism is the recognition that all cultures are important and that one is not more important than another. As part of our integrated approach the school year is planned to allow for our students to participate in the local culture while meeting western educational standards.


LEARNING IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE AND RESPECT FOR NATIVE LANGUAGES – The language of instruction is English therefore we are very aware of the difficulties of advanced education in a second language. It is very difficult to learn advanced concepts in a foreign language; therefore we provide the one resource that is proven to be effective in learning, enough time to learn. In our Diploma Program, compared to other IB institutions, we provide about 1.5 times as much teacher to student contact for an Higher Level (HL) course and about 1.75 times as much for an Standard Level (SL) course. Since the courses are both college preparatory as well as college level, we also provide between 3 to 5 times as much teaching time as they would receive for the same subject at the university. Quality time with the teacher is the most important and expensive resource that a school can devote to students, and we provide what our students need most.

A TOTAL PROCESS PLAN – As the goal of the program is to prepare students for International University attendance, we provide four years of university counseling, including application assistance, as part of our total learning objectives. Learning is not an isolated process but must include life goals and the skills necessary to achieve those goals.


A Speech by IB Officials


Ms. Grace Chen introduces our school to IB officials