School Bus Schedule


Student pick-up points are located near their homes. Each bus has an adult monitor who rides to and from Meishi with our students. Our drivers are properly licensed and we provide transportation in a climate controlled environment.

Locations: Our bus service is provided from campus to China Garden, Gao Sheng Qiao, and Xiao Jia He area. The bus schedule will be available to students and parents at least 1 week before the start of the school year.

Bus Schedule:  Click here

Busing Goals

Safety: We want to make sure there are no accidents. Students will be instructed on the rules of transport from waiting for the bus, to getting off the bus. A staff member will be on the bus to insure the students remain seated while the bus is moving. The school pledges to keep the bus in good mechanical operation and make sure all lights are in good working order. The bus drivers strictly observe traffic laws.

Social: We want to make sure students have a good time talking with their friends. Most students enjoy their time to talk with others on the bus. It is a time for them to have simple rules that will be enforced to insure that everyone’s time on the bus is enjoyable.

We will serve the China Garden, Gao Sheng Qiao, and Xiao Jia He areas. We will have the bus service the main roads in these areas. We will arrange bus stops 1 to 2 weeks prior to the start of school. Students may be expected to walk a couple of blocks in order to group students and cut down on the total busing time.