Student Visa

Admissions  Admissions

Please read the following instructions:

1、 Students whose parents are working or studying in China,need to apply for a visa as a dependent of their parents.
2、Students who study in Meishi with no parents accompanying them, need to provide the required documents to Meishi Foreign Affairs Coordinator Ruby Li one month ahead of the expiration of the visa.
3、 If a student’s visa is due to expire within one month, parents need to go to the government office to apply for the visa.Further details regarding these procedures available upon request.
4、Required documents: Passport and a copy of the passport,Temporary Accomodation Registeration form for aliens and overseas Chinese, 2 photos, copy of guardian's passport,and guardian's testimonial.
5、Any questions, please contact Ruby Li, phone number: (86) 028-85330653.