Admissions Process

 Admission Requirements:


 Required Document:

 Admission will be based on the result of a combination of the English and Math Assessment and Interview. Final admission of Chinese students will be pending the result of their High School Entrance Exam (Total Score≥ 580 and English ≥ 120), if they are entering after completion of Chinese Grade 9.

Please complete the attached application form below, reattach it in an e-mail, and then send it to the email address or fax to the number below:

Lower School: Bonnie Cai
Upper School: Suven Yang


Fax: +86 028-8533-0880

Application Forms: download ( English Version )



• Completed Application Form
• Copy of student's Passport or ID card (Original must be  available)
• Health Certificate
• 6 one-inch pictures
• Official transcript from all previous years
• Two Letters of Recommendation Letters from previous teachers (only for students applying to DP1-3) addressing the student's potential in a college preparatory high school program)