Show We Care ——“Plant a tree for Wenchuan”
Date: 2012-03-13

On Saturday, March 10, 2012, some teachers and students of Grades 10-12 took a school bus to Wenchuan for an annual event of the 4th “Show we care——plant a tree for Wenchuan”. Mr. Thomas Liu, Principal of International Programs, led our “Meishi Team” (including 33 students and teachers) to Wenchuan. On that day, there were over 300 volunteers on site who planted tress. After arriving at the working site, some students got hoes and shovels and used the tools to dig holes; others queued up for getting some saplings. Everyone planted one tree with a plank hanging on. Each of them wrote their names on their planks.

Some students said that if there is a chance next year, they would like to come back and plant trees for Wenchuan again. They want to make more contributions to the ecological environment in Wenchuan.