Secondary Teachers

Charles Henry

Head of English

Johns Hopkins University/M.A./Literature

I am from a region in America commonly referred to as the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard. I grew up in the city of Baltimore, about 40 miles north of Washington DC. I earned a bachelor’s degree at Mount Saint Mary’s University, the oldest independent Catholic university in the US. Later I earned a master’s degree from the mighty and august Johns Hopkins University. I also completed language study at The Defense Language Institute, in Monterey, California, and at The Dante Alighieri Language Center in Siena, Italy. I served in the US Army, and I owned a small business. I organized public health events on American Indian reservations. I have contributed articles, stories and poetry to several publications. I have performed in and directed many stage productions.

I have eaten cabbage and cherries for breakfast in Moscow. I have hiked The Inca Trail between Cuzco and Machu Picchu, and I have driven – in blissful solitude - the 4000 miles between Fairbanks, Alaska and Baltimore, Maryland. I have been fortunate enough to lead a colorful life, and the experience I am most proud of is my two decades of service teaching English in the crucible that is a high school classroom.

Those of us who hear this calling do more than help students think and discover; we help boys and girls become men and women. That is noble work.

John Weller

High School Art Teacher

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA, USA,/B.Sc./Art Education

Kim Kelly

Middle School Science Teacher

Western Governors University/Master/Science Education

I am a veteran science teacher of 15 years. My first 11 years were spent teaching middle and high school in the United States. I have spent the last 4 years in China teaching EFL science, AP, and IB MYP science. In 2004 I received my Batchers degree in science education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, in 2010 I received my Masters degree in science education from Western Governors University. Through these two programs I am certified to teach: Biology, Environmental, General Science, Earth and Space, and Geology.

Leon Varga

Head of Math

University of Waterloo, Canada/Bachelor of Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

Queens University, Canada/Bachelor of Education/Education

I was born in Romania, but moved to Canada when I was only 3 years old. As the oldest of 12 children, in a sense, I have always been a teacher. I studied Math at the University of Waterloo and Education at Queen's University. I have taught math for the past 14 years at schools in Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, and China. I love travelling and exploring new places. I believe that we must train both our mind and our body so that we are both mentally and physically healthy.

Murali Kamidi

DP Physics Teacher

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University/Bachelor/Mechanical Engineering

I am a mechanical engineer by education. My teaching career started with preparing students for Mathematics and Physics sections of India’s version of 高考 (called the IIT JEE). This is my 18th year teaching physics, and the 8th teaching IB Diploma courses.

I believe our lives are made of just two measureable things – time and energy – both limited resources. I invest them in learning (and teaching) as I find them to be perpetual sources of happiness.

Paul Lucas

MYP Language & Literature

My mother and father raised me to be a global citizen. Though I was born in Massachusetts, I had the good fortune to be transplanted at the age of 7, along with four siblings, to the beautiful and exotic jungles, beaches and countryside of Spanish-speaking Nicaragua, the poorest of the five countries that make up Central America. I returned to the USA where I attended high school and college, and later married. In 2007, when everyday life in the United States no longer satisfied, my wife, Lisa, our children, and I ventured out to unknown lands. We subsequently enjoyed working in and getting to know Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India, and now are very happy to call Chengdu our new home.

As an English and drama teacher, I believe students learn best when immersed in a joyful, rich with quality literature, and personally challenging environment. I believe in presenting students with projects that stretch their imaginations and their personal boundaries, helping them to more clearly discover and understand who they are, what talents they posses, what talents they want to grow, and what they want to contribute to the world.

Peter Millard

DP Economics Teacher

The University of Guelph/Bachelor/Economics and Management

Sylvia Chang

IB-DP Biz & Mgt Teacher

Master's Degree - University of Queensland – Double major Finance and Accounting

I studied Finance and Accounting as my postgraduate major in Australia. Before that, I revived my bachelor’s degree in Sichuan University on English and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. All the areas I studied showed me different perspectives of the world. And finally I choose teaching Business and Management as my career is because I believe the reason behind the business world will help our next generation a lot under the context of globalization. I love to spend time with my students. And I am so grateful to be part of the CMIS community.

Yijing Ding

Master of music from International University college of Twintech, Major in Music Education

Bachelor of music from the Southwest University, Major in Music Performance.

Since young I have the passions on music and learning different instruments, and now music is my life long career. Within years of music education in Meishi, I realize that music is not only a skill, but also bring lots of fun and confidence to the students. I love to spend time with my students, and I am so grateful to be part of the CMIS community.

Linda Guo

Master's Degree – SiChuan University

I graduated from Sichuan Normal University majoring in Chinese literature. Then I earned my Master’s degree in Teaching Chinese As Foreign Language at Sichuan University. I have taught Chinese for the past 13 years at schools in Beijing, Madrid(Spain) and Chengdu. I enjoy teaching students of different grades and levels and being with them. And I love to make an exciting, dynamic and fun classroom where students to see and feel the beauty of different language and culture, learn and be able to perform at the highest levels of their own abilities.

Besides being a enthusiastic educator, I like reading, travelling and experiencing different cultures. I am very fortunate to be a part of the CMIS community.

Alisha Gong

MYP design teacher

B.S.Education in applied electronic technology-China West Normal University

From my major study, I have professional teaching skills and electronic application knowledge.I like to approach the fangle, and I think exploration and reflection are the purposes of design. In design classes kids can do lots of things, what i can do in the classes is guiding students to develop their creativity, making them feel happy in the process of learning.

Jerome Huang

Art Teacher

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China/M.FA./Oil Painting

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China/B.FA./Fine Arts

Jerome Huang, born in Chongqing, graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, Sichuan Institution of Fine Arts, Master of Arts. His works exhibited in Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing CAEA Art Museum, Shenzhen Guanshanyue Art Museum and other art galleries. His work published in " The Art Album of Dimensional Difference" (published by Chongqing Publishing House), and other 19 works and 1 academic article were published in professional periodicals.

He worked in Chengdu No.2 Middle School, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering, and obtained the University Teacher Qualification Certificate in 2006. Now he is teaching IB MYP Visual Arts in IB Department of Chengdu Meishi International School.

Shuyin He

DP chemistry teacher

B.A Chemistry -Sichuan Normal University

I was born and grew up in Chengdu. Before I came to Chengdu Meishi International school, I taught honor chemistry and AP chemistry in the International programs in Nanjing and Shanghai 's Public schools.

Anita Huang

DP Chinese B &Mandarin ab initio teacher

M.A. Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages-Fudan University

I had several interships when I was still a post-graduate student ,worked as an editorial staff in Communication and Media Dep. in American International Assurance in 2013.

I also worked in two IB schools and one private university in Poland from 2014 to2015,I taught Chinese A of IB Program and also arrange cultural exchanges .I love to teach students from other cultures and promote cultural diversity.After I came back from Europe ,I chose to stay in Meishi .I am very grateful to teach students here who bring happiness to me everyday.

William Huang

Master of Psychology in America and National Psychological Consultant Grade 2

Reflections of education: People come and go in haste, who leave unique impressions on our invisible lifetime.

Love, is not only a word, but also an endless song.

Please join me in studying people, books and the world…

Zhifan Hou

HS Chinese Language/TOK Teacher

Harbin Normal Univeristy, China/B.A./Chinese Language and Literature

Motto of education: As a teacher, I'm like a noiseless cow because my value is being needed.

Carrie Li

B.A. Chinese Language Acquisition-China West Normal University/State University of New York

M.A. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics - Southwest University

I was born and grow up in Chengdu. During college I went to the US for 1 year learning and teaching. Before I came to Meishi,I worked as a teacher in Southwest University for 3 years. In 2015, I returned to Chengdu and began to teach CLL at Meishi where I learned how fun it is to work with middle school students. Reading literature works with the students is an amazing experience.

Maggie Liao

Chinese Teacher

Walter Pan

11th &12th Grade English TOK teacher

English education — Sichuan Normal University

I have been teaching English for 31 years. Four years ago, I joined in the IB programs. As a TOK teacher, I try to help my students improve their thinking skills and expressing skills.

Luna Pan

M.Ed -The University of Hong Kong

B.A. Teaching Chinese to Foreigners of Other Languages- Huazhong University of Science and Technology

I was born and grew up in Sichuan. After finishing high school, I chose to have a look at the outside world. I went to New Zealand to teach intermediate school students after graduating from college. While doing Master course in Hong Kong, I visited local schools and had an internship in an international school. I have great passion for international education, and I am very glad to join Meishi.

Sandy Min

IBDP Chinese A Teacher

M.A. Master of Chinese linguistics and Applied Linguistics-SICHUAN UNIVERSITY

The 9th year of IB DP Chinese A subject teacher experience at Meishi.

7 years’ IB DP Chinese A subject Examiner years ‘IB DP Chinese A IOC moderator.

2 years ‘HSK and HSKK’ Examiner.

In my opinion, education is not only for the kids, but also for the teachers, because we are all learners in the open and diverse world. I always enjoy my teaching life as an instructor but also as a happy learner.

Jinfeng San

English Language Teacher

Xinjiang University, China/ B.A. / English


Music Teacher

He learned from Chen wan, professor of sichuan music college, and Cai yibin, professor of sichuan music college. Member of jialing river chorus, tutor of NewVisual street dance studio, independent musician of Haitian music culture. He used to be the student activity instructor and art teacher in the moral education department of the international department of chengdu shude middle school. The teachers of CISCD school and music creative works, recording mixing and production of senior high school students. ECA's curriculum teacher.

Yan Ren

Chinese Language Teacher

Sichuan Normal University, China / B.A. / Chinese Literature Education

Maggie Wang

Math Teacher

Bachelor's Degree – Sichuan University

I have been teaching in international programme since 2009. And I have been teaching IBDP Math for about 10 years now, with 6 years experience as an IB examiner. I enjoy seeing those perplex faces become brightened with my help, and those students who start to show interest and determination in the subject, and meanwhile appreciate the elegance and power of Math. I like teaching in the IB programme, which does not only focus on academic grades but also “encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners”. I think this is the goal not just for the teenagers, but also for the adults. I am very grateful to be a member of theIB programme at Meishi.

Na Wu

MYP Math Teacher

Graduated from Si Chuan Normal University in 2002, I started my teaching career in Meishi International School. Education is my soul. I love my students, I love teaching.

Jason Wu

MYP Math teacher of Grade 8 and Grade 9

Donghua University

I have been engaged in mathematics teaching for more than six years, and the six years’ experience tells me that every child has great potential, and what we need to do is to discover them, understand them, and care for them. I like reading very much and it is a part of my life. I have great passion for education and I deeply know my responsibility. I am willing to grow up together with my students in Meishi International School!

Sue Wang

MYP Math Group leader

B.S.Ed Mathematics education - Southwest University

Ten years of Chinese junior high school mathematics teaching experience and six years of MYP mathematics teaching experience. Experienced in successfully working with students and developing skills in students at all levels of achievement. Able to utilize creative skills to design and implement well- received lesson plans and program structure. Established learning environments which meet the emotional, intellectual and creative needs of students. Empathetic listener and persuasive speaker.

Emma Xu

2012 The First Prize in Demo Class Competition in Meishi International School

2011 The Second Prize in Lesson Plan Competition in Hi-tech Zone

2010 The Second Prize in Chengdu Demo Class Competition on behalf of Hi-tech Zone

2009 The First Prize in Demo Class Competition in Hi-tech Zone

Like every life-long learner, I am a work in progress. I earned a bachelor's degree in English Education at Xihua Normal University and I have been teaching middle school English since 2008. I have served as a year head, group leader and teaching mentor. Each experience has served to make me a more effective resource for my school. I believe in the strength of the IB learner profile and I try to emulate those equalities for my students. I am interested in literature and drama and the acquisition of languages. I travel occasionally, most recently to Japan. Every time I travel, I become more deeply aware of the beauty and interconnectedness of our diverse world.

Dave Xu

PE Teacher

New Zealand IGQ Golf College/Master/ Golf Coaching

Terresa Xia

Get Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry from Southwest University.

Teaching MYP Science for 1 year in MeiShi International School.

Yaotian Xiao

MYP Science Teacher

Kyushu University/Master/Micro-biotechnology

Xihua University/Bachelor/Biology Engineering

Hector Yu

9th and 10th design teacher

B.E. Computer Science and Technology-Sichuan Normal University

I was born and grew up in Sichuan,but my father is from East-North in china,so I can’t speak a good sichuan dialect,but good at mandarin.I worked at Tencent for two years,It taught me how important it is to respect personality.Before I came to meishi,I have been engaged in children’s programming education for two years.So I’m gonna teach some design in IT area to help students better adapt to the information society.

Xintong Yu

Science Teacher

Phoebe Zhu

Science Teacher

Wuhan University, China / B.S. / Biology Science

I was born and raised in Chengdu. After graduating from Wuhan university, I got my teaching license as a high school biology teacher. Then, I taught biology in a Chinese school for three years.In 2008, I joined Meishi. I love the kids here and I am glad to see them learn and grow happily every day.

Vicky Zhu

I majored in Teaching Chinese as a second Language in Sichuan international studies university and got my master degree in Chinese language acquisition in Hongkong.Before coming to CMIS,I spent 3 months doing my internship in USA and took a part time job as a Chinese and English teacher in Shifang Yeyu Language school.Spending time with kids is wonderful for me and I am grateful to have the chance to spread Chinese culture.

Nancy Zhao

MYP Humanities Teacher

My name is Nancy Zhao, I am currently teaching grade 6-8 Individuals and Societies (I & S). This is also my sixth year in CMIS. I was both born and brought up in Chengdu, Sichuan. I enjoy travelling and reading. After I graduated from my first degree in Modern Chinese in Sichuan Normal University, I went to England to pursue my master degree of International Relations in Nottingham Trent University. I then applied for an internship in Asian Affairs Sector of EU in Brussels, Belgium and worked as an assistant for three months. After I came back to China, I worked in Chengdu Daily, New Oriental and SWUFE before I came to Meishi. To be a teacher was not my first choice for career. But now I love teaching and staying with young generations after all these years working in Meishi.

Rita Zhang

MYP Math Teacher

I have been teaching MYP Math for 7 years. From 2012-2015 I worked in an international school –WFLMS in shanghai. I taught Grade 6 and 7 for three years. I was the leader of Grade 6 in my last year in WFLMS.

In 2015, I came back to Chengdu, start teaching MYP Math in Chengdu Meishi International School. I love teaching and love the philosophy of IB.

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