Welcome from Head of School

Dear Students,

Welcome to Chengdu Meishi International School!

No matter which country or city you are from, it is our common mission that causes us to meet at Meishi.  Our mission is about teaching and learning.  You will learn how to live, work, and get along well with others.

We are in a unique and fantastic relationship for teaching and learning.  Chairman Mao Zedong stated, “you are young students and full of enthusiasm”. As such, learning is always a nice and unforgettable experience.  Chinese and western cultures are profound and fascinating. Meishi is a place where Chinese and western teachers share their vast array of teaching methodologies and experiences. At Meishi we will assist you in your aspirations to become an independent learner who reads extensively and observes the changing world in order to make wise decisions.  This will allow you “to ordain conscience for Heaven and Earth and secure life and fortune for the people”, as the philosopher Zhang Zai stated.

We hope you will read extensively and inherit these profound traditional cultures as well as promote modern democracy. Meishi is also a place where free reign is given to the study of science, all styles of art, and all schools of thought. I hope that you work hard from now on so that you will have a bright future.  The Roman statesman Julius Caesar said emphatically “I came, I saw, and I conquered!” From this point on, move forward towards embracing the world!

I know that I will be proud of you in the future!


Thomas Liu
Head of School