Over 150 Parents Visited the School Open House
Date: 2015-09-15

Over 150 parents visited Meishi International Programs Division on Friday, September 11, 2015 for the Open House.

A school open house is usually an event function that allows parents to visit their child's school. Parents have the opportunity to speak with teachers about their child's progress, needs, and abilities. The main goal of the open house is to allow teachers and parents to meet and discuss issues regarding students.

On that day, Mr. Kevin Blissett, Principal - Primary and Middle Schools, provided a lot of information for parents, including his introduction, curriculum, vision, access to Engrade and Evernote, communication channels, newsletters, etc. Teachers went to the auditorium for introductions, including their names, grade(s) taught, subject(s) taught, etc. After that, parents and teachers started to communicate and discuss issues regarding students. Parents felt very happy and satisfied with the Open House event.

At Meishi, we believe it is very important for parents to attend the Open House because it enables them to connect with teachers and receive tons of information that will help them to help their children succeed in school.