2015 CISA Cross-country Meet
Date: 2015-11-23

 The 2015 CISA (Chengdu International Sports Association) Cross-country Meet, which was attended by six teams from Chengdu and Chongqing, was scheduled for Saturday, November 21, 2015 at Chengdu Meishi International School. Six teams represented Chengdu Meishi International School (CMIS), Chengdu International School (CDIS), QSI (Quality Schools International) Chengdu, Leman International School(LIS), Chengdu Home School (CHS), and Yew Chung International School of Chongqing (YCIS).

Cross -country running is a sport in which teams and individuals run a race on open-air courses over natural terrain. The CISA cross-country meet was hosted by CMIS over the past few years. Runners were divided into 12 groups by age and gender. Students really pushed themselves to finish the run in respectable times and they had a lot of fun. To sum up, the event was a successful one by all accounts.