Parent-Teacher Conference & Student-Led Conference
Date: 2016-05-17

On May 6, 2016, two types of conferences were scheduled for parents in the International Programs. Different types aim for the same goal: better communication for students’ growth.

Parent-teacher conference was scheduled for middle school and high school parents. These were one-on-one meetings between parents and teachers to discuss students’ progress at school and find solutions to academic and behavior challenges.

Student-led conference is very different from parent-teacher conference, as students run the show. It enables students to report directly to parents about their progress at school, with teachers there to assist, direct and support students throughout the presentation process. During the conference process students presented portfolios of schoolwork from all of their classes, and shared what they have learned from these classes with parents. It was the first time we had this kind of conference, and our students did a very good job.

It was a great day. Parents felt very happy because they discovered what was going on with their children at school and also had a chance to show their appreciation to teachers. We believe that such a channel between teachers and parents will create a better learning environment for our students.