2016 Parent-Teacher Conference
Date: 2016-11-08

  On Nov. 4, 2016, parent-teacher conference was scheduled for parents in the International Programs.

  Firstly, Ms. Athena Liu and Mr. lorry Luo presented an introduction in the auditorium and room 411 for MYP and DP parents. After that, parents went into classrooms to meet with teachers. These were one-on-one meetings between parents and teachers to discuss students’ progress at school and find solutions to academic and behavior challenges. 

  It was worth mentioning that GAS GS service group held charity flea market in the green yard on the same day. The money raised was donated to an orphan in the poor village. The stalls had items new and old for sale, including old books, homemade cookies and calligraphy work. Parents and teachers were very generous and showed their love for people in need.  

  It was a great day. Parents felt very happy because they discovered what was going on with their children at school and also had a chance to show their appreciation to teachers. We believe that such a channel between teachers and parents will benefit both of us.