Job-A-Like Workshop
Date: 2017-03-03

  On Thursday afternoon, Mar.2,2017, Meishi hosted Job-A-Like Workshop on campus. All the four IB schools which offer DP programme in Chengdu were invited, i.e. Meishi, Shude, QSI, Leman. Teachers from other schools were escorted to the auditorium firstly; Mr. Kevin Blissett, Assistant Head of School,delivered a few welcoming remarks, then teachers were divided into groups and sent to designated classrooms for further discussion.

  As we all know that, IB encourages teachers from different schools in the same city or area to communicate and share ideas about teaching practices on their specific subjects.

  We believe this is a good opportunity for teachers to share and exchange experience, and for schools to make academic connections.

  We look forward to meeting again soon.