IB Summer Program
Date: 2009-07-17

From July 13th to July 31st, there is a Summer Program held at the CMIS - International Programs.

This program was designed for the potential I.B. candidates. Besides rigorous programs in class, in order to broaden students’ horizons, there are some exciting extracurricular activities for them. For example, on July 22nd, our students will be out of campus and observe a total solar eclipse at a designated observation site. Moreover, our teachers will take them to Zigong Dinosaur Museum for a visit, so as to enrich their class activities in Science. In addition, our teachers will arrange students to see western movies, in order to let our students know more about western culture.

In a nutshell, it is a fun, exciting, worthy & meaningful summer program in which our students can learn a lot from in and outside of the class.