CAS In the Science and Technology Museum
Date: 2008-11-15

From November 12 to 14 the exhibition entitled The Power of Humanity -on the lives of disaster victims- presented by the Red Cross Society of China was opened to public in the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum. The IUPP 10th Graders of Meishi International School volunteered in the three-day activities as a part of their Community Service programs.

The first part of the exhibition focused on the May 12 Wenchuan Earthquake Relief Work. The on-site pictures illustrated how the employees of the enterprises such as GM, BMW and New Hope Sichuan helped the victims and their effort in the following reconstruction. About 100 high value Chinese calligraphies were presented in the second section. These were donated by the famous Mongolian artist Mr. Fan Delong from his personal collection and they were sold afterwards for fund-raising and the proceeds donated to the earthquake area relief efforts. Mr. Fan wrote and drew on the 100-meter long banner “Safety Traffic and Harmonious Community”, which served as “kick off” event for the Red Cross’ program on Traffic Safety for Children. And the third part, a series of events planned for the next 5 years will help promoting the traffic national wide especially for the children.

The 10th grade students helped safe-guarding the calligraphies, supporting Mr.Fan for his painting and fund-raising as well as other various visitor services in turn. As part of their science and maths study, they also took full advantage of the museum exploring in the simulation scenes.