A Group of the “International Volunteers” in Chengdu
Date: 2009-01-16


  “I love you; I love the city.” That part of a song is often heard in Chengdu. Every citizen in Chengdu is so active in making contributions to the development of the City. 
   On Friday, Jan. 16, 2009, there was a ceremony for recruiting new volunteers co-sponsored by the Guixi Street Community of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone and Chengdu Meishi International School. The main topic of the event was called “Share Your Humanity”.
  Dale Goodman, Director of the International Programs, talked to the journalists regarding a plethora of teachers, students, and even parents that showed great interests in joining the group of volunteers. Some potential volunteers come from the U.S.A.; some are from the Republic of Korea; some are from Turkey and others are from Pakistan. In the future, more and more expatriates will be involved in the group of the “international volunteers”.

   As far as the journalists know, the group of “international volunteers” is composed of over 10 expatriates. In the near future, the international volunteers will perform their duties and go to some residential communities to be involved in community services. They will participate in a variety of activities including English language training. 

Pledged to Help Make a Better Community

  On the morning of January 16, 2009 at Chengdu Meishi International School in the International Program Building, we held the first"Universal Volunteerism and Community Service Connect You and Me"which was co -sponsored by the Meishi-IUPP Program and the local Yizhou Community. It was the kick-off for the 2009 series of volunteering activities and aimed to promote the IB mission, strengthen cooperation through community service, and to develop the first international volunteer team in Chengdu .
  Mr. Goodman, Director of Meishi's International Programs and Member of the Board of Directors and the Officials from the Governmental Offices of the High Tech Zone gave speeches at the beginning of the event. Mr. Goodman briefly introduced the IB mission, and motto of 'Think Globally - Act Locally', and stressed a few global and local issues, such as the recent Sichuan Earthquake. Afterwards they pinned the Volunteer Pins on our school volunteers and all the participants were well inspired and encouraged.   The student volunteer representatives from the Integrated University Preparation Program (I-UPP) Mr Ou (.Herbert) led the pledge and Mr. Li ( Alvin ) expressed the students' dedication to do volunteer work. Following this was the expression, "I am a volunteer", spoken in the many languages represented by our students including Chinese. Miss Chen Jie Di's (Cecelia) 
   repetition in Urdu taught by Mr.. Siddiqui (Waqas) and Mr.Asleman's repetition in Turkish taught by Miss Ustunel(Oya) provoked applause and laughter. Miss Nam (Rebecca) taught the Korean version as well.Finally, the participants played the ask-and-answer game based on volunteering knowledge to increase the audience's awareness of and appreciation for volunteerism.
  This joint event was hosted by four of the I-UPP students Mr.Khan (Oneeb) of Pakistan and the other three Chinese Miss Guo (Vickey) , Mr.Mei(Satiago), and Miss Song(Alondra). 
   Ms. Wang (Jina),the Associate Principal of Meishi's Middle School and Ms.Li in charge of the national students' volunteering from the Middle Division of the Meishi National Program were also involved in the event. 
   This event was supported by the High Tech Zone Governmental Offices and is said to be having a city-wide impact according to The Chengdu Daily as reported by MIU Yan. (Translated copy is below.)