Phone: School Office: Ms. He  (028)85330757,   Ms. Dai  (028)85330968 

Fax: (028)85330073 
Primary School of Chinese Division: Ms. Ma  (028)85330958 
Middle School of Chinese Division: Ms. Yang  (028)85330318
Sino-American Elite Program: Ms. Zheng 15928178767,  (028)85330201
Integrated Programmes PYPC: Ms. Lei  (028)85330398
Integrated Programmes PYPE: Ms. Ashley  (028)85330336
Integrated Programmes MYP(6-9 grade): Ms. Summer  (028)85330039
Integrated Programmes MYP(10 grade) & DP: Ms. Suven  (028)85330085
School Address: #1340 Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue, Renmin Nan Road, Chengdu, China (East Gate) #148 of 5th Tianfu Street (Parking Lot)
Correspondence Address: Chengdu Meishi International School (Huayang Post)
Zip code: 610042