The Same Education but with a Different Plan

Education prepares you for a brighter future, and the preparation starts at CMIS. CMIS offers multitude of programmes and courses to ensure we meet our students' different developmental needs and different post-secondary education goals.

Chinese Curriculum

Primary School • Chinese Division

The Chinese Department Primary School is guided by “He Rong Culture” with six major curriculums:Teaching Curriculum, Comprehensive Practice Curriculum, Extra-curriculum and specialties Curriculum, Assessment Curriculum, Moral Education Curriculum and Family-School Communication Curriculum, the Chinese and Western educational concepts are blended to build a “He Rong education” that cultivates the little citizens with Chinese soul and international mind.

  • Teaching Curriculum

    The implementation of inquiry-based instruction highlights the infusion of English language

    Teaching Curriculum

  • Assessment Curriculum

    Implementation of multiple assessment tools

    Assessment Curriculum

  • Comprehensive Practice Curriculum

    Cross-disciplinary approach to lesson planning and instruction

    Comprehensive Practice Curriculum

  • Moral Education Curriculum

    Promoting Harmony Culture and Cultivating International Awareness

    Moral Education Curriculum

  • Extra-curriculum and Specialties Curriculum

    Respect individual differences and promote personalized growth

    Extra-curriculum and Specialties Curriculum

  • Family-School Communication Curriculum

    Let parents and teachers work together, to build an integrated learning community

    Family-School Communication Curriculum

Middle School • Chinese Division

To satisfy the different characteristics of different students, we set up various classes like IEP Experimental Class, Math Experimental Class, English Experimental Class, General Gaokao class and Sino-US Elite class to meet the varying demands of students.

  • IEP Experimental Class

    We utilize class-selection system based on students’ strengths, in order to achieve more personalized instruction.

    IEP Experimental Class

  • Ordinary High School Class

    We cultivate future talents with comprehensive curriculum and well-rounded development.

    Ordinary High School Class

  • Sino-American Elite Program

    We provide the most comprehensive, high quality overseas university preparation courses specifically designed for Chinese students.

    Sino-American Elite Program

  • Primary - Junior School Transition Class

    A one-year transitional period for G6 students to adjust to the rigor and requirements of middle school

    Primary - Junior School Transition Class