The profile of the PYP

Authorized by the IB, Chengdu Meishi International School is an IB DP & PYP & MYP World School, offering the DP, the PYP, and the MYP. Chengdu Meishi International School is the only school that three IB programmes were completed in western China.

What is the PYP?

The PYP is the abbreviation of the Primary Years Programme. It is one of the three IB Programmes. The PYP is widely recognized in the world and it focuses on the development of the whole child.

It is an international transdisciplinary program for students aged 3-12. The core of the PYP is to form a understanding on important concepts, positive attitudes, basic knowledge and skills and responsible action. The aim of the PYP is to cultivate knowledgeable young people with questionable ability knowing how to care, in order to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The PYP encourages the students of the world to become life-long learners, who are active, enthusiastic, understanding and respecting differences. 

PYP(Primary Years Programme)the Primary Years Program (for primary students aged 6-12)

The PYP is committed to providing a bilingual elementary education for the students. We guide children to learn with game approaches that are full of instructive, interesting and knowledge, and we will explore the potential of the students, finally form a solid foundation of the quality education from children. The characteristics of the PYP is added with the transdisciplinary themes besides the common courses. We focuses on the six transdisciplinary themes every year:
Who we are?
Where we are in place and time?
How we express ourselves?
How the world works?
How we organize ourselves?
Sharing the planet?

We explore each themes with purposes by breaking the traditional disciplinary boundaries and combining with the form of teacher guidance and student groups under the frame of six transdisciplinary themes. In this process, students are able to understand the concept of knowledge, master the basic skills and have positive attitude and action ability to the development of the things.

Language: English and Chinese
Duration: the PYP is designed for elementary students aged 6-12. We began to use the inquiry unite from grade 1-2, and gradually infiltrate and gradually expand.


What is the PYP






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