2016 IB-DP Graduation Ceremony

Date: 2016-05-30

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2016 was scheduled for May 27th, 2016 at 1:30 PM in the auditorium of the CMIS’ International Programs academic building. Ms. Chen, Executive Director of the Board, Mr. Thomas Liu, Head of School, Mr. Kevin Blissett, Assistant Head of School, Ms. Jennifer Jiang, Assistant Principal, parents of the graduation class, and students from G8-11 & teachers were present at the graduation ceremony.

 At the beginning, Ms.He, grade 12 adviser, introduced the Class of 2016. After the graduating students were seated, Mr.Blissett outlined our program, and then Mr.Liu and Mr.Blissett gave their remarks, they expressed warm congratulations to the success of the graduates and also thanked administrators, teachers and parents for their support.

Mr.Liu , Mr.Blissett and Mr.Luo awarded high school diploma to the Class of 2016. After that, the student representatives Liz Li and Whitney Bai delivered their salutatorian speech and Valedictorian speech. Then the audience watched a film shot directed by 12th graders. They were so touched.

In the end, Mr. Blissett officially announced the graduation of Class 2016. We wish the graduates greater success in the future.