Lecture Room 2

Date: 2019-01-16

 On the afternoon of Jan. 9th, members of Sichuan Golf Service Team of the Lions Clubs International shared some stories of the teachers from mountainous areas.

Sichuan Golf Service Team of the Lions Clubs International is committed to participating in community service, helping students in need and carrying on emergency rescue missions. Their "Lighthouse Program" aims to illuminate the educational path of children in mountainous areas through short-term training for teachers in remote areas. Through the introduction of pictures and videos, we understand how the project was launched and implemented, and its impact on teachers and children in mountainous areas.

IB has always attached great importance to the cultivation of students' sense of social responsibility, emphasized that students will serve the society with what they've learned. We believe that through such lectures, students can understand the true meaning of public welfare and make correct plans for SA&CAS in IB.
The sharing from the guests also helped the students to further understand the whole process of implementing a service activity, from the preliminary investigation to setting clear objectives, adjusting the implementation plan according to the needs of the community in the service process, and constantly reflecting and summarizing in the process. This coincides with the requirement of designing and practicing community service in IB curriculum. Students have increased their knowledge of planning community service while listening to real stories.