March Assembly

Date: 2019-04-30

At the beginning of the new semester, students and teachers gathered in the auditorium for March Assembly.

First of all, the high school band gave us a wonderful performance.

Secondly, Ms.Athena, Executive Vice Principal of IB Programs, delivered a speech. She gave a brief summary of last semester’s work and clarified the educational objectives of IB Programs.

Thirdly, Mr McCarter ,Athletic Director, came to stage and introduced the upcoming CISA events and Linda Li, President of Student Council, made an announcement about Mascot Design Competition in IB Programs.

Fourthly, Ms. Athena introduced this month’s LP attribute “ Risk-taker”, and invited a 11th grader Susan to share her understanding about it.

In the end, awards were presented to students who have been working very hard and getting very good results in last semester and who best represented last month’s attribute “ Knowledgeable”.