The 2018 Meishi International Programs Sports Meet

Date: 2018-03-23

The 2018 Meishi International Programs Sports Meet was held on Friday, Mar.23,2018 on the school track, field, and gym. Hundreds of faculty, student athletes,parents witnessed and participated in this great event.

Assistant Principal Ms.Athena Liu gave a speech at first. She welcomed all athletes to the special event and expressed gratitude to teachers, students, judges as well as coaches. Then she declared the beginning of the sports meet.

Sera Wang from G9, Coco Xu from G5 and Mr.Matt McCarter made vows on behalf of all athletes and judges to respect and follow the athlete spirit.

After that, students were divided into different groups according to ages or grades and participated in different games.Apart from the traditional track and field events and ball games, parent-child activities were also held,which brought enormous zest for the players.The prize-giving ceremony was also the highlight of the sports meet. The sports meet was held to improve the children's physical strength and to encourage their passion about sports.