Graduation Ceremony 2018

Date: 2018-06-08

 The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018 was scheduled for May 25th, in the auditorium of the CMIS’ International Programs academic building. Ms. Chen, Executive Director of the Board, Mr. Thomas Liu, Principal of IB Programme, Mr. Kevin Blissett, Vice Principal of IB Programme, Ms. Jennifer Jiang, Vice Principal of IB Programme, Ms. Athena Liu, Vice Principal of IB Programme & MYP Coordinator, Ms. Yang Bo, Senior Assistant to the Board, Mr. Zhu Yizhang, Vice Principal of the Logistics Department, parents of the graduation class, and students from G9-11 & teachers were present at the graduation ceremony.

At the beginning, Mr. Blissett introduced the Class of 2018. After the graduating students were seated, Mr. Liu, on behalf of International Programs of Chengdu Meishi International School, expressed warm congratulations to the class of 2018, and extended his gratitude to the parents who choose Meishi and support Meishi. Meanwhile, Mr. Liu gave students three pieces of advice: 1. Understand the meaning of a university, 2. Listen to the voice of a “Master” . 3. Learn to be a man before learn knowledge. 

Next, Mr. Kevin Blissett, Vice Principal of IB Programme, shared some thoughts and nailed down 5 pieces of advice for graduates. They are: 1.Embrace failure. 2.Live in the present. 3.Make a home in the library. 4.Be social. 5.Spend quality time in Quadrant 2.

Then, after the awarding of diplomas, teacher representative, Mr. Varga and three students, Jenny Ong, Anna Li and Taylor Li, gave their speeches respectively. Then the class of 2018 gave an excellent performance on stage. 

In the end, Mr. Blissett officially announced the graduation of Class 2018. We wish the graduates greater success in the future.